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How to Break the Ice once you meet Your Escort?

Hiring a Russian or European escort in Bangkok to keep away your loneliness is quite easy today, especially if you are in Bangkok. This is just a call away from you but difficult is to break the ice when you meet the escort in your room to start your sexual intimacy. For most of the guys, it is quite a tough to pick the best girl from the agency and more tough is to start a right conversation with them that makes the escort ready to proceed for next level of bonding. Here are two major strategies that the guys should try to pick up his Russian dating partner whom he has hired from an agency. Similarly, it is quite difficult for the ladies who have hired a male escort to satisfy their all desired.

Break the ice- Russian escorts in Bangkok

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How to convince a girl

Most of the guys who meet the escort in a c, act like they don’t know what they are doing. They look close to drooling, telling a lady that she is hot and pretty. They also ask some stupid questions that show lack of confidence and lack of experience with the social interaction. Here you may apply some good strategies that can make you the king of the room and by these ways, you can pick up the girl for sex effortlessly.

Getting a little bit of naughty with the escort girl or a hot Russian girl can be completely fun and exciting. Before start getting all that stimulation on gear, there are some major things that you should remember to make everything right. Below are some sizzling steps:


The first technique is, of course, the Reverse Gender Stereotypes. Humor is a strong aphrodisiac and women are well aware of it. Use good humor to counter any of the objections that come from the girl’s side. A guy, who can make the girl laugh, can sleep also with more girls in a week that a very attractive man who is not aware of any joke or humor. A reverse gender stereotype is something that makes the escort to react.

Good conversation

Start a conversation with the escort by talking about the things she likes, about her country, music, food etc.

Create the mood first

The art of seduction is all about the style, hoping to make out with the escort is all about the mood. There are several ways that you can choose to make the mood, soft music, dim light, invigorating scent, soothing ambiance, comfort make it perfect by setting up all properly. Don’t forget to engage her in a relaxing, light conversation. Women need to be stimulated mentally first.

Initiate intimacy


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