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Tanned Thai Vs. Pale Russian Escorts – Which Ones to Go For Once on Thailand Trip?

Tanned local escorts are great, male or female, with a brown skin – which can be naturally tanned or suntanned. Attendants with tanned skin look very appealing to some people, while others prefer pale Russian escorts – or escorts having a pale complexion that looks like snow white or porcelain white. Some people like both natural tanned and natural pale-skinned escorts. The question that everyone asks is - which ones are better.

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Your preferences matter the most in choosing the right escort in Bangkok and Pattaya

It goes without saying that your tastes matter the most when it comes to making a proper choice. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and if you find tanned hot, you should go for the same. However, if you dig a pale complexion, do not listen to what others have to say. Since you will be paying for the services, your preferences are the decisive factor while making a choice.

A touch of tan on a Russian escort can be great too

If you are obsessed with this sort of thing, it can be enough to say that a bit of tan can be perfect for your complexion. It can highlight the angles of the body and face of a person. A natural tan helps achieve more dimensions. While the skin looks sexy enough when pale, it appears more erotic with a hint of tan. However, fake tan or too much tan can look bad. When he/she takes clothes off in private, you might be put off by the visible differences in complexion between the exposed and hidden parts. This might come in your way of sexual enjoyment. Look at yourself

It might be a good idea to choose an escort "Russian or Thai" who has a similar complexion as yours so that he/she does not stick out like a sore thumb beside you. For example, if you are overly brown, a very pale Russian escort might look out of place, and people might wonder what that person is doing beside you. On the other hand, if you are a tool pale complexion, a much-tanned escort might look ‘unsuitable’ for you. While this might not mean anything different to you, the curious stares and giggles from onlookers might just ruin the mood for you.

Ethnicity issues

Keep in mind that skin complexion often has much to do with ethnicity. For example, Latina, Asian or African people are naturally dark while those from European, Caucasian or American countries often have very pale skin. If you live in a locality or wish to visit a place where there is too much sensitivity about ethnicity and ‘who mixes with whom,’ it would be in your best interests to look for an escort who comes from nearly the same ethnicity as yours and has a similar type of complexion.

Your views on Russian and Thail girls

If you are a person who deliberately or non-willfully cracks jokes on ethnicity, differences in appearances, etc., an escort with too pale or too tanned skin might make you tempted to crack ‘skin jokes’ or ‘ethnicity jokes.’ This can ruin his / her mood as well as your mood. It is better to look for an escort "Thai and Russian" with a similar complexion if that is the case. is the only agency that all girls are high end and they only provide pure white girls.

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