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Euro, Russia and all Western Escort's Blog in Bangkok and Pattaya Escort Service

Handy tips on how to date the foreign/Russian escorts in Bangkok/Pattaya

Take these Steps

1- Find the best foreign escort agencies in Bangkok

2- Ckeck some of the best 2019's and 2020's profiles

3- Get to know more about the escort services and packages

4- Read more about the sexy escorts in Bangkok

5- Learn about the nationality of escorts

6- Alway read the privacy policy of the sites you visit

Escort website in Thailand 2020


Here we have 2 Russian and European profiles for you in Bangkok

Viktoria- The Russian escort in Bangkok

This Is Cruzz this side, and I am from Europe. I am 24 years of age, and my leisure activities include painting, dancing, and, singing. I am also fond of reading books. I am also after fashion and I am a diehard fashion enthusiast, who always love to comply with the latest fashion trends.

Hot Russian Bird

Hot and sexy Russian outcall

My hometown is Moscow in Russia and my name is Valencia. I have been working with one of the top hotels in Bangkok for the last 2 years, and I am also into escort services, on a part-time basis. I am a tall, curvy and busty lady of 25 years, who is fun-loving, friendly, and adventure seeker. Looking forward to meet the smartest and daring men from round the globe. But, I don’t offer sessions on anything kinky.

Russian escort service in Bangkok- Callgirl Lisa

Hello, guys, I am Lisa and working for Russian escort service in Bangkok. Don’t judge me by my profile picture or just my appearance. My beautiful face is just a shining cover of soul and me have more to discover. My soul is vulnerable and I hate to be hidden behind a mask. I will give you more opportunity to know me properly. You can start to date me with SMS first and I think this is a window to open mind and soul of both of the partners. I have simple aims in life and simple dreams. I am quite happy with the way that I am living my life. I always thank god to give me such happiness in life. I am really grateful to my clients as they try their best to make me special.

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