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Thinking to Hire Russian and European Class Ladies in Pattaya or Bangkok? Here Are the Do’s and Don’

Hiring Russian and European class ladies in Bangkok and Pattaya is all about companionship. But other people don’t understand how to make the most of this companionship. So, in order for you to be guided, you have to employ the safety actions. Here are few of the do’s and don’ts you should keep in mind so you will know what to anticipate and how to behave.

Do’s When Hiring Russian and European Class Ladies in Pattaya

Have some research first. Know what services are offered, what payment method and where the deeds will take place. Will you have to drive to the escort’s apartment, or will they come to your home? Text, email or call the escort agency or the establishment to create your own booking appointment and have some confirmations about your availed service.

Prepare yourself to be screened by the escort for a sexual health and hygiene screening. The escorts are required to perform a regular STD checkup and need to execute a safe practice in sexing. So, wear condom or dam. Make sure you are clean and fresh right before the Russian and European escorts arrive.

Accept the rates of the payments on the offer, as bargaining a price down has never been an option to this escort service.

Once you and your Russian or European escort agreed to have the session in your place, have them instructed clearly. But if you opt to go to their apartments or place, ask a clear direction.

Have them paid in advance as other VIP escorts might ask you this. Others might ask you with the full payment. So be responsible.

Don’ts When Hiring Russian and European Class Ladies in Pattaya or Bangkok

Don’t make a contact from a private or blocked number. You are about to have sex with a human. Anonymity was often seen to be rude. And the chances are, this Russian and European might don’t take your calls.

Don’t ask your escort to perform something out of the contract or list. Stick to the agreement and if you are looking for an upgrade, you need to pay for an extra service. Put in your mind that this is a business for them so have a good deal.

Do not send your naked photos to your escorts. Don’t even ask them to do the same. Remember that they are professional and every move you want to make has a corresponding amount.

Don’t be disrespectful and forceful. Though you pay them for pleasure, it doesn’t guarantee you hold their lives during that time. Respect any boundaries and choices if they don’t want to drink with you or join you in a certain deed. After all, they are still human, so treat them well like one.


Now that you understand everything, you can get yourself out of trouble. At the same time, you have to make sure that you selected the one that comes from a good escort agency. At the same time, you need to know how the escort agency works for your needs. Do all the transactions through booking and hire only the educated and professional escorts. So, if you are looking for a VIP escort service in Pattaya, have it at

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