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How do I Recognize a Russian, European, or Ukrainian "escort" Lady in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket?

Not every white girl is a Russian, European, or Ukrainian girl not even in Europe, Russia, and Ukraine. If you have ever visited any of these countries, you probably have run into a white lady who identified as a Canadian or some other American country.
Russians have not so much distinctive looks separate from other Europeans and white people, and we can only wish we had a set of standard-telling factors to look out for. Even a robot fixed with the best AI and facial recognition technology cannot stand a chance. 
But here are a few things to look out for if you want to “guess” whether a lady is Russian, European, or Ukrainian:
By Her Physical Appearance
The first thing you want to check out when you are set to take a wild guess is definitely her looks. Is she white or tanned? If she’s tanned, she’s most likely a Russian, European, or Ukrainian. People from these places are usually characterized by their tanned skin color, which explains why they are considered standards for beauty worldwide. 
There’s a stereotype that Russians don’t smile. Personally, we haven’t noticed that much enough, but we also haven’t randomly run into Russians casually smiling. Perhaps, you can slightly depend on her facial expression to make a wild guess. 
If the post was about Russian men, we would have easily agreed that Russian men don’t just smile for smiling sake. We know that for sure. We also know that Russians can laugh without expressing it on their faces. They are not sadistic or pretending; they are just that way. But, we beg to differ when it comes to their ladies.  
By the Language She Speaks and Her Accent
One good way to know which country a person comes from is by the language they speak. Language is indeed a key identifier of people, and it can only fail you a few times. If someone speaks Russian or any local European language, like French, Spanish, or Italian, best believe such a person is from Europe, Russia, or Ukraine. 
Of course, we are not kicking aside the fact that some people understand many languages other than their mother tongue. We also have to consider the people that don’t understand their mother tongue but another language entirely. 
As an Englishman, when a person who lived all their life in Russia tries to speak English, you may quickly tell they are not a native English speaker by their accent. But that is not enough in itself to conclude their home country. What if she only grew up in Russia or a Russian-speaking place?
By Her Location
If you walk around and mingle with local people enough, they can tell you spots where you will most likely meet a lot of Russian, European, and Ukrainian girls. There are some spots in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket that are hotspots for Russians, Ukrainians, and Europeans. 
In these spots, you can take wild guesses when you see a person that matches the picture you have in your head, speaking a language that you expect them to speak, while keeping a straight face, you probably have a Russian in front of you or a European, or even a Ukrainian…or an American…or a Thai. The possibility is wide. 
By Asking Her
All the tips and tricks above can only tell you so much about a person if you want us to be honest with you. Gone are the days when people wore their country on their faces. Nowadays, everyone just looks like everyone. 
Although there are some countries like China, South Korea, North Korea, Philippines, India, and the rest, that still have uniquely looking people. Even Thailand is already following the route of having people with no unique look, especially for the fact that it is home to people from all over the world. 
It’s kind of interesting, though. At least one can have a lot of fun guessing your home country judging by your look and language. The fun itself is fun to watch.
So, instead of racking your brain unnecessarily, why don’t you just walk up straight to her to ask her? “Hello, beautiful one. I sighted you from across the road, and I am wondering what country has this beautiful being” won’t land you a slap or in jail. 
You are not asking more than her country, and we bet she will be more than willing to tell you. Maybe not with the exciting face you think, but she will tell you respectfully. You can even seize the opportunity to strike up a deeper conversation with her. Perhaps, after knowing her country, the time is right to know her in toto in your bedroom. If you know what we mean. 

Where Can I Get Russian Escorts in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket?

Let’s do a recap of the many blog posts we have written on the best places to get Russian, European, and Ukrainian girls. You can get them on online dating platforms, online escort directories, bars, clubs, and on the street like every other regular girl. 
But if you don’t want to look, let alone leap, then you want to organize a party that will draw t
hem to you. To organize a magnetic party that will attract these ladies, please, call on Siam Planner to help you manage it. 
Siam Planner helps people to organize parties in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket. They can also help you organize a party around a VIP table in the club or bar of your choice in the cities mentioned above. Check out their official website to contact them now.

Our Service Is Only VIP OUTCALL in Bangkok or Pattaya

We Can Also Arrange Travel Companion To Other Cities of Thailand

Just name it, and our escorts will do it, "as long as its respectful.". There are no rules when it comes to bedtime!


One of the most significant pleasures in your life is to experience physical contact with someone that attracts you. Several companies are hardly competing with each other in the market. It is therefore suggested for you to choose the best one that can satisfy your particular needs.

Well, we can help you regarding this matter. As one of the most reputable escort services provider in today’s generation, we guarantee you that you can receive the best escort services that you are looking for. With our many years of experience in the business, we assure you that regrets, as well as disappointments, will never come your way.   

Meanwhile, to mention some, the following are some of our valuable escort services that can meet or even exceed your high standards as well as great expectations.


Girlfriend Experience

It cannot be denied that as a person, you get attracted to the physical aspects of a girl. Well, do you want to make out with a beautiful girl that can match to your taste and personality? We can help you to support that aim. We can offer you good looking and attractive Outcall Russian, European and Ukrainian girls that can fulfill your flirty fantasies.

In addition to this, with our escort services, you can have a girlfriend experience that will surely put a hudge smile on your face. We assure you that you can receive the quality escort service in Bangkok and Pattaya.


Erotic Massage

With your hectic schedule, you get stressed and tense. With this, you deserve to have a relaxation that can help you to relieve your stress. About this, we highly offer you with the best erotic massage that can help to soothe your feelings.

With our talented and beautiful escort girls, you can have the chance to receive an erotic massage that can relax and at the same time give you a high level of excitement as well as entertainment that you need. If you are that individual who has excellent standards, then hiring our erotic massage services is the perfect one for you. With our escort girls, you will never be disappointed since they are passionate about excellence when it comes to the performance of their work.

We ensure that you will experience a high degree of satisfaction and happiness right from start to finish. We will make sure that once you have tried our services, you will want to be one of our regular customers. We offer various types of erotic massages that can satisfy your taste and pleasure needs.          


Dinner Date

Do you want to have fun and romance with a beautiful escort? Then, you come to the right place. With our girls, you can have a dinner date that can make your night colorful, exciting as well as flirtatious. Even more important, you can also have the chance to have a luxurious dining experience that can give you an enormous delight.

You can even go to various hotels where you can spend the best time with your escort date. In return, you can have the chance to get to know each other.

Private Time to Client’s Hotel    

If you want an intimate contact with our beautiful girls in Bangkok and Pattaya, then you can avail our service to spend time privately within a hotel. If you have a burning desire to fulfil your pleasure needs, then it is the right time to choose our services.     


Are you single and wants to hook up with one of our attractive girls? Then, it will be a nice move for you if you will develop romance through our agency.

With our services mentioned above, rest assured that your effort, time and money are all worth it.           

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