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Are you looking for a date to accompany you this evening? Do you want a European or a Russian girl in Bangkok or Pattaya to spice up your night? Don’t look further! We have the right selection of gorgeous and attractive ladies from Europe and Russia capable of giving you the time of your life with fun, joy, and pleasure!

Do you live or are you staying in these places? Do you want a pleasurable evening with hot and beautiful ladies? It is our pleasure at OUTCALLBKK to help you achieve your dreams. Your stay in Bangkok or Pattaya would be incomplete without someone as cute as a European or Russian Girl to pass some time with.

 We are just a call away if you live in Pattaya or Bangkok to help you relax and lighten your mood after a long boring day with our sexy European and Russian girls.

We are happy to offer you our outcall girls (Russian/European/Ukrainian) in Pattaya and Bangkok. 

Kiss the lonely and cold nights bye as we are here to spice up your life with our charming and beautiful ladies. If you wish to experience romantic dates like you have never before, in the beautiful city of Bangkok and Pattaya, your ideal partner is here in our girls’ collections, gentleman!

We assure you that you would get not only dates but also pleasurable experiences you would never forget in a haste. Here, we treat you as a bachelor or a gentleman, so we do our best to give you the best outcall escort service you need. We offer you the significant opportunity not only to be with fair and lovely escorts but also to enjoy your time with them.

Who knows? It might turn up more than you expect! And, oh yes, we are here to assure you it would happen according to your plans.

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Great Variety, Beautiful Selections

If you are looking for the hottest and most beautiful outcall Russian/European/Ukrainian girls, we have a wide selection you can choose from. Be rest assured our ladies would provide you great company and ensure the delight of your pleasure is taken to a new level. Enjoy your time with a blonde from Europe or a dazzling girl from Russia.

We promise that these women would be the best escorts you want to have. Packed with stunning beauty, our girls also have great personalities that you would ordinarily dream of. We guarantee that your life would never be the same again after dealing with our ladies. Your beautiful escort would assure you it happens the way you want it. You might call it role play, but we call it customer satisfaction.

Services by Russian escorts to match your satisfaction

Our services in Bangkok and Pattaya would not disappoint you! We offer a wide range of services you could enjoy with your chosen date. Here, you would not only enjoy but would be delighted with the service we have to offer.   

Are you ready for an erotic massage, a dinner date, romance, or private time with a girlfriend? Say no more! We've got you covered with our collection of services tailored to meet your exact demand. All you have to do is pick what gives you joy. Every service comes with a fantastic surprise that would benefit you in every way possible. Are you thrilled to find out? Just give us a call, and we would arrange everything for you with no hassles or worries!

Outcall Meetings in Bangkok and Pattaya at Their Best

The wait is over! With our Russian/European/Ukrainian outcall girls who were born to give you ecstatic pleasures, you would surely enjoy every moment you have with your chosen date. We give you the best opportunity to spend the night with our stunning ladies.       

We arrange for a meeting at your hotel room or residence for you to meet the lady of your choice. We make sure the arrangement is made to fit your schedule. You would be happy to know that all our ladies are the finest and loveliest escorts you could find in Bangkok and Pattaya. You have absolutely nothing to worry about as we guarantee that you will get all the fun you fantasize about at the hands of our ladies.

Professional Customer Service to Assist You

You would have a fast and easy time getting an escort. We ensure that this would be one call away. Our services in Bangkok and Pattaya have a 24/7 customer service to meet your needs at the right time. If you want to inquire about anything, we do the best we can to give you the accurate and proper answers you need.       

Our dedicated customer care representatives have several years of experience in the field, so you are assured that your calls would not be wasted. Do you want to have full details about the lady of your choice? You do not have to worry because you are assured of getting the detailed information you need with our staff's help. If you call us, be ready to enjoy the best escort service you would never forget!

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Having a date or spending a hot evening with our Russian, European and Ukrainian outcall girls would surely be a great treat. We give a large bunch of attractive, irresistible, and beautiful women at unbeatable prices.  

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Escort Services Guaranteed

You do not have to look for another escort service agency because with us you have a sure guarantee of the best service you would indeed be satisfied to have. With a strong reputation and a large number of happy and satisfied clients, you are assured of the best and most beautiful Russian escorts in Bangkok and Pattaya.

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So, what are you waiting for? There are lovely Russian, European, and Ukrainian outcall girls waiting to spend quality time with you! Now is the time to enjoy the full escort service you deserve to have. and we guarantee your life would never be the same again! Come and enjoy the full outcall escort service experience!

Industries We Serve

We assure you that booking a Russian escort here is worth it and can give the pleasure of serving you. We also guarantee that the female companions are gentle and can take care of you for the rest of the time that you booked. You can get the best experience by our service, and you will surely come again for more. Your booked companion is always being available in Bangkok and Pattaya for your secret wishes and desired pleasure.



Lillo: Russian Lover Type

Sweet Russian Escort in Pattaya


Hasley: The Russian Escort

Hasley is a Russian-born sexy model and call girl with a very pretty face and attractive blue eyes. Don't miss the opportunity to get your devilish sexual fantasy and desires fulfilled with this skillful and experienced call girl. She’s available for all services in Bangkok only.


Kitty: European Escort in Bangkok

She’s a 24-years old beautiful Russian brunette. Kitty is perfect in the area of GFE as she is naturally blessed with a heartwarming smile and a very good listening ear. Coupled with that, she’s got a great personality. Kitty however loves to make love too and the experience is usually mind-blowing according to clients.


Pacy: Ukrainian Escort in Pattaya and Bangkok

Pacy has set the pace in the massage would. She massages her clients with a professional touch. She does body-body massage like no other. Thankfully, it is a wonderful experience given her big butts and boobs. Her kitty is damn wet too. Pacy services customers in Bangkok and Pattaya only.


Julia: Russian Escort

Julia is a super-hot goddess and the mistress of smooching, romance, erotic body massage and French-kissing. She is an expert in kissing her clients all over their body, and concluding it with a very erotic massage and blowjob. Your time with Julia will be filled with plenty of short cummings (if you know what I mean).


Jess: Foreign Escort in Thailand

Jess is your stunning and exotic looking foreign call girl. Her ass is something to go crazy about and her boobs are as soft as boobs could ever get. Jess is very fun and chatty in person. Partying is not a bad idea if you want to get her started. From any angle and location, Jess is ready to give you in the heat of the moment.


Anna: Russian Callgirl in Bangkok and Pattaya

Hey Mr.! Are you man enough to match the sexual energy of Anna? Do you think you can last through the night banging and banging? If you think so, come and test yourself with Anna. So far, no client has ever reported defeating her in the bedroom. We hope you set the pace.


Ann: Ukrainian callgirl in Pattaya and Bangkok

If you desire exclusivity and privacy, Ann is your perfect match. She’s classy and loves to meet up at expensive hotels across Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. She’s well educated and mannered. Her flirting skill is topnotch. She’s naughty and crazy in the bedroom. She’s just enough for any abled man.


Pink: Ukrainian Escort in Bangkok

Pink is an independent 25-years old escort girl from Ukraine. She has a smooth and soft white skin decorated with a long black hair. Pink looks like that crush from your favorite tv series. She loves to sing and party all daylong and have the other fun all through the night.


Shania: Russian escort in Pattaya and Bangkok

As a companion, Shania’s only aim is pleasing her clients. She offers a very unique and distinct girlfriend experience. She rocks every dress that comes her way. She knows this and even better is the fact that she knows how to dress to kill her clients. Your rod will never sleep when she’s around.


Suzi: Russian in Pattaya

she is a super neat and intelligent call girl from Europe. Susi can hold up intelligent conversations in case you just want to rant about all the things you passed through the day. After everything, she’s ready to let you suckle on her big boobs and spank her round soft ass. What more to relax?


Alex: Ukrainian escort in Bangkok

Meet Alex with the charming smile and overall look. She has big and sexy ass deposited on her to give her a crazy shape you don’t wanna take your eyes off. She’s got a superb and nice personality. She’s very presentable at expensive parties, thanks to her classy look.


Arinna: Ukrainian in Pattaya or Bangkok

She is a young erotically minded Ukrainian model. She exists to make you enjoy your time as a man. Her premium treatment will definitely overwhelm you no matter how prepared you are. She’s ready to go on any adventure with you. She’s available in Bangkok and Pattaya only.


Angel: European Escort in Bangkok

have you ever fantasized about a beautiful lady with an angelic voice singing a love song to you at the balcony? Angel has got you covered with her rhythmic vocals for singing love songs and to let out pleasurable moans while banging her. She is a European escort.


Sabina: Russian Escort in Bangkok

Sabina’s hips don’t lie. She’s a Russian model in Bangkok with the perfect figure eight to run your head wild. She’s tall, very fair, perfectly sized boobs and ass for your spanking pleasure. On top of this, she has got a tender and loving personality.


Lia: Ukrainian Call-Girl in Bangkok

a gorgeous call girl from Ukraine who is best known for her swag, playfulness, cheerfulness and meekness. She got a tiny waste with some nice curves added to the fact that she can twerk and shake the booty while hitting her from behind or just lightening up dull moment at parties. If you just want to have fun at Pattaya, there you go.


Emma: European Escort in Pattaya and Bangkok

Emma is a European call girl with them big camel toes. There’s hardly any outfit that could cover that part. Emma is naturally thick and chubby. You’ve got some nice skin to deal with while getting down. Everything is soft with Emma. Only available in Bangkok however.


Lovina: Russian Call Girl in Bangkok

If all you desire is some nights with a girlfriend to take care of your emotional and sexual needs like a wife or real girlfriend would, we strongly advise that you consider choosing Lovina. Just like her name, she loves a lot—outside and inside the bedroom.


Leah: Call Girl From Russian

she’s a kinky and clingy lady from Russia, who has a reputation of happily satisfying her Lord. What exactly do you say you want? Leah is at your service, your greatness. As it comes with style, Leah has a high when it comes to taste of locations and treats.


Regina: Ukraine Call Girl in Bangkok and Pattaya

this is a rare sexy damsel from Ukraine, strictly for escort services at luxurious hotels in Bangkok and Pattaya only. With her wonderful shape, she is fit to be your girlfriend, fuck-mate, escort or even act like a wife for the parties. She has a great personality too.


Phoebe: Russian Escort in Pattaya or Bangkok

looking for a dark blondie? Here is one for you. She can act dumb for you and she’s available for roleplay and packed with some kinky funs you yourself might have not imagined. Just get her a drink to kickstart the best journey of your life. Strictly a Russian call girl in Bangkok.


Liz: White Call Girl in Bangkok

queen of romance she is called. If you want to rest on a natural bed after a very long and boring day at your place of work, this Russian call girl is here with her marvelous, sexy and fleshy skin to give you a good night’s rest. Enjoy!


Edna: Foreigner Escort in Bangkok

release all your stress accumulated from the day and stretch your muscles with Edna, the professional Russian masseuse. She is good at what she does according to testimonies, the massages usually lead to happy ending for both parties. So, grab this opportunity to have a wonderful moment of your life.


Josephine: Russian Escort

Josephine is the chatty and conversational type who also has good listening skills in case you want to rant about your day before getting down in the other room. She’s also fun at parties as she can twerk and dance superbly. She’s from Russia, available anywhere in Pattaya.


Princess: Bangkok or Pattaya- Russian Girl

a Russian escort with the sauce with the firm and pecky titties perfect for grasping and round soft ass for your spanking pleasure. Just name it. She is the definition of the modern beauty with her perfectly structured face. She’s fun at parties too. Get your prince treat now.