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Why do People Prefer Russian, European and Ukrainian Escorts While They are on Thai Trip?

Obviously, Russian girls are in high demand all over the world, and it is not surprising that anyone wonders why that is. In fact, we wondered even before you wondered, and that is why you are able to read this post today. 
Today, we will enumerate some of the reasons why we think most men, especially in Thailand, prefer Russian, European and Ukrainian ladies. Before then, we wish to categorically state that everything we read here is our personal opinion. Therefore, do not take them as facts. 
Also, we appreciate every woman in the world and know that every one of them is beautiful in her own way. We only wish to state some reasons why some men just prefer Russian girls, not necessarily at the expense of other ladies. 
Having said that, let us see some of the possible reasons why men prefer Russian chicks:
They are Beautiful 
It is hard to look at a Russian woman once and not want to take a second and a third look. It’s almost a reflex action for most men. Russians, Europeans and Ukrainians are stunningly beautiful, and everyone agrees to that. Their sexual appeal is top-notch too.
Many men have claimed that the special thing about these white ladies is how they appear elegant, sexy and romantic. They fit for a typical housewife, a crazily naughty girlfriend and a nerdy buddy. The skin complexion also appeals to most men. In fact, a lot of men love something “white,” and it sparks some level of curiosity within them.
“I wonder what she looks down there”, and its variances in different languages are what men often say to themselves and each other. It’s sheer curiosity that drives some men all the way from their home country to another man’s land. Other men with the doe book flight for the ladies to come over. 
They are Very Feminine and Well-Mannered
Before we proceed, we would like to declare our unwavering support for the real feminists fighting for the rights of deprived women all over the world. 
The toxic feminism that is ravaging the world has not found its root in Russia or Thailand yet, and we hope it remains that way. As a result, it is easy to come across Russian women in their feminine state. It is even mesmerizing and absolutely mind-blowing to see how respectful and feminine these ladies are, despite their beauty. 
We recommend you have a very open mind when approaching these ladies cos their level of respect might put you off if you are coming from the West, where respect is not that much of a thing of value. Many men have said something in the turn of “she’s just pretending to get my money” as a response to the respectful nature of Russian ladies. Please, that is not true. 
They are well-mannered too. We guess having a good manner is already a given for a person that has respect. But what we want to point out here is that Russian ladies have a lot of courtesy and etiquette, according you, the respect that you need as a man, regardless of the relationship between you and her. This explains why Russian escorts flourish in giving a good girlfriend experience. 
They are Professional and Educated
Russians are one of the most educated people in Thailand. Even though they are immigrants in the country, most of them are educated, having gotten one or two degrees to their names. As a matter of fact, some Russians are in Thailand for more education. 
Judging by the above stats, we may conclude that their level of education somehow affects their desirability in a positive way. Also, we have asked a couple of friends and even random people, and most of them never failed to mention education and professionalism. 
We too have seen and witnessed it for ourselves, and we can attest to it that Russian girls are educated, professional, respectful and well-mannered. They are an all-in-one package. 
We have a whole blog dedicated to the explanation of how educated and professional Russian ladies are. You may want to check it for further details and information. 
Because They Also Genuinely Want Men
Russian, Ukrainian and European ladies are very receptive when it comes to matters of love. While we don’t exactly know their true intentions, we can, at least, tell that they really want men just as much as men want them. 
When a feeling is reciprocated, it only fuels the already burning fire. But on the flip side, a burning fire will eventually quench if not adequately fueled, as in the case with other girls. We can confidently tell you that Russians don’t feel like they are doing you a favor by being your girlfriend or wife. 
The Ripple Effect of More People Wanting Them
Some men have no particular reason for wanting a Russian lady other than the fact that all their friends had had a go with Russians in the past. Since his friends just seem to be happy in their relationships and affairs with Russians, he logically concludes that Russian it is. Many men are in this situation. 
How to Get Russian Girls?
You can get them on the street, on dating platforms, in escort directories and through your friends. Another way is to set up a party, for example, a pool party, that will attract them to you. Just like other girls, Russian
ladies love to party and take shots. Doing this may be all you need to win their hearts and affection.


To organize that heart- and affection-winning party, please, call on Siam Planner to help you organize it. Siam Planner helps people to organize parties in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. They can also help you organize a party around a VIP table in the club or bar of your choice in the cities mentioned above. Check out their official website to speak with them now.

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