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Street Hookers: What They Don't Tell You

Perhaps, the fastest and most convenient means to gratify your sexual cravings is by hooking up with a street hooker. It is indeed fast, convenient, cheap, and probably fun, if we must be completely honest. Street hookers make up a significant part of the adult industry.
Some of them are as clean as the regular ladies you see daily on the streets, while some are just as clean "roadside prostitutes." Furthermore, some are retired escorts, while others are about to enter the escort industry. 
The whole point here is that street hookers can be anything ranging from the highest quality girl you can ever dream of to the lowest quality you want to avoid like a plague. Most people imagine street hookers to be old women, dirty women, and other derogatory terms they use. We are not here to tell you if they are good or bad.
In this post, we will tell you what we have personally noticed about an average street hooker you come across on the street, whether in Bangkok, Pattaya, or Phuket. 
They Only Love Your Money 
Following common sense, we could have easily deduced that no hooker on the street is there for the fun of it. But we didn't. Instead, we took our time to ask some of these ladies why they were into the street-hooking business. Unsurprisingly, all of them enumerated "money" as part of their reasons. 
With that, we concluded, as we should have in the first place, that hookers are on the street because they cannot afford their basic needs or keep up with their expensive lifestyle. As a direct consequence, it means that every time you walk up to one, she sees you as a money dispenser and nothing more. 
Of course, there have been a few cases of guys running into exploring or daredevil "virgins" on the streets, but for the most part of it, a street hooker is in the business for money sake. So, she's not interested in you, your wants or needs; it is just your money. If you doubt us, try picking one without paying her.
They Don't Rate You
No, we don't think it matters what a hooker thinks of you. We only want you to know for sure that a hooker does not rate you by any means. They are not the normally-thinking girls that you know. Driving into the hood of hookers with your loud Lamborghini will impress you and yourself only. Heck! They probably don't even know its worth.
Moreso, hookers easily and unconsciously look down on men that patronize them. You may not realize it, but each time you approach a hooker, she sees you as a man with no option. She assumes that you are cookie-starved. Honestly, that's what it looks like. So, no. She doesn't rate you any more than her last client, who paid his dues. 
They can Dupe You
Never sleep with both of your eyes closed when dealing with street hookers. Many men have had ugly experiences with them in the past. Therefore, it is in your best interest to stay woke and vigilant if you don't want your money and valuables to vanish into thin air. 
They are Not Clean
Maybe they are sparkly clean outside, but they are not inside. A padlock that allows every key to unlock it is definitely not a good one, and should be trashed. A hooker allows in anything and anyone that can pay her price. We think that contributes to their uncleanliness. But if you don't mind, please go ahead by all means.
You cannot Satisfy Them
Part of the fun of sex for most men is seeing the satisfaction on the faces of whoever they get down with. It would be easier for a boat to fly than for you to sexually satisfy a hooker you find on the streets. Their supposed sensitive organs are numb due to excessive stimulation. Therefore, it is a mission impossible to enjoy that feeling of sexually satisfying a woman.
That is why encounters with these ladies can be colder than a visit to a cemetery at night. They lay back, almost appearing lifeless, impatiently waiting for your joystick to become flaccid. For lack of a better term, the experience is robotic.  
Anyone, Anything Goes
For street hookers, their clients are those who can pay, and it doesn't matter who is paying. Maybe there are a few of them with standards whatsoever, but we don't know if a hooker has ever rejected a client based on any other reason apart from their inability to pay.
So, even if your worst enemy can afford her, she will open her legs without complaining. We don't think you want to roll with such a lady. But if you want to, please, roll with her by all means. We are not against it in any way. We can only recommend better options for you. 
Talking about recommendations, on top of our list are Russian, European, and Ukrainian escorts. These girls differ from the regular hooker on the street. The difference is significantly more than you can imagine. These ladies are very similar to regular girlfriends, and the experience is almost the same, if not better. 

You can get Russian, European, and Ukrainian escort ladies in clubs and bars. The story is the same whether in Bangkok, Pattaya, or Phuket.

Just visit clubs and bars, and you will meet them chilling, hoping to have an explosive night with some exciting strangers. 
You can also meet them in hotels. Some of them work in hotels or are just lodged, just like you. Therefore, you may try your luck with them if you bump into them on the staircase, entrance, or wherever.
Furthermore, visit tourist attraction centers. These ladies have their eyes set on the beautiful gifts of nature too. So, if you love sightseeing, you can consider getting a Russian chic as a side benefit of your hobby. 
Lastly, you can organize a big and loud party in Bangkok, Pattaya, or Phuket to attract these ladies in a very natural setting. If you have your table well decorated and designed to reflect your wealth status at your party, you probably will soon become tired of entertaining these babes. 
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