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Don’t you believe may be, but I am friend from Moscow and a champion swimmer. I love to spend time in water or in a sandy sea beach. I don’t have any hesitation to wear the swimming costume. For a pool party with your friends or at a beach outing, I can be a good Russian escort for you in Bangkok trip. Now look at the lists that my previous clients posted to describe my beauty, Effortless grace…kindness…Charming smile...Elegant style…beautiful cheekbones...fair and skin? Hard to choose but it makes an irresistible love.


Probably, it is the excitement and thrills that revolves around meeting and spending times with strangers that dragged me to work as a part time escort, in addition to my professional attachment with a fashion house in Bangkok. My name is NIKITA, a 25 year old girl from Moscow, Russia, and for the last 1 year, I am working with this Russian escort company in Bangkok. You will explore me friendly, well-mannered and an amiable girl, who can be quite daring and bold during lovemaking and sex. Book Me!

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Hi I am Saniya, your Russian outcall escort in Bangkok. I am a twenty years old young girl and I am looking for the love my life. I meet a new man everyday and fall in love with them every day.  Okay, I am not fickle minded but I find something unique and interesting in each man. I have interest in lots of things and I can talk to you in different topics. I love to meet a sincere and responsible person. You can be my true friend. I love dancing and genre is Salsa dance form. I work as the teacher of salsa dance also. My dream is open my own dance academy one day.

Vera here, and she came from Russia, Working as Russian escort in Thailand. Her only dream is to see each corner of the world. She has first visited Bangkok to explore the city and its charm and trust it that she just fell in love, and now she is here to fire up your life. she doesn’t like to date the manners less boring guys, but her preference in the young, energetic, well-behaved guys.

When you will meet me, trust me you will find out the real beauty and tradition of Russia. I am Nishka and I am here in Bangkok with my traditional Russian grace. I am expert in skiing and love to do it on snow. Another love of my life is Salsa, close dances with my respected partners.  I can go for trip with my clients and can give you a hot-hot holidaying in sea beaches or at the snowy hills.

A fashionable, vibrant, street smart, and, a hot-on-bed Russian girl of 23 years from Moscow and in Pattaya now, myself Nina, and I have been working as an escort with this site for the last 2 years. In between this time, I have been able to impress a significant count of men, and I see no reasons for you to make some other experience. If you are looking for the hottest escort in Pattaya, probably it is me that you are looking for.

I am Sarra the Russian girl in Pattaya and my dream is to win the hearts of the men in escort service. Just permit me to be quite poetical to portray myself with good words of my own soul. I am more like a red flower that grows gradually in the green field of life, also in the fields of the cold stormy winds and nasty weather.  I am looking for persons who are protective and honest. For me, a man with honesty, a good mind and a sense of humor is a killer combination. That makes every man sexy and desirable and all the girls love to be with them. I am looking for a person who can take care of his girl and never allows the weeds to dim the girl’s day.

Slant to my eyes and I am assuring you that you will find no way to escape. I am Salina from Russia and an escort girl in Pattaya and Bangkok now. My dream to be with the new men on a new day and my wish to meet a new man each day brings me into the profession. My corporate job helps me a lot to serve best my clients especially the clients who are here for business purposes. If you want a sexy but well educated and well-mannered escort to take her with you to a business meeting or party, I am ready always. I know how to look elegant and sexy in corporate attire and how to talk with other persons at a formal party.

Liesel is here to entertain you like your Russian escort in Bangkok. I am actually from Europe and my height is 173cm and weight is 60kg. I am an open-minded and sincere girl who enjoys her job and I think I am ready to do it abroad. Not only physical satisfaction but for me, mental satisfaction comes in the first place when I am choosing my clients. An honest and well-behaved man is desirable for me always. He should respect my job, my profession and my personality.


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