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Are You Looking For European, Ukrainian & Russian Escorts in Bangkok and Pattaya?

Foreign Call Girls in Thailand
Bangkok- Pattaya Russian escort service



Victoria is your blonde queen escort. She was rated by our clients as the best girl for GFE in Pattaya in 2021. Her stunning look and banging body are worth the hype.

Russian - European -Bangkok - Pattaya- E


Bangkok Escort

She has earned the “Bangkok escort” title as she is the best Russian call girl so far. Liesel is well endowed in all the places that matter. She could light you up like diesel. Your wish is her command.

Fara- Pattaya Russian girl.jpg


One Night Girl

With her tender and tanned perfect skin, Fara’s escort service has now gained grounds in Pattaya and Bangkok. Classic Russian chick! The pictures ain’t showing all of her beauty yet; wait till you see her in person.

Russian escort service Bangkok- Pattaya



If you fantasize about having a girlfriend for the night, Tanya is your best bet in enjoying quality girlfriend services overnight in Pattaya or Bangkok. She’s got all the badass moves you can imagine. Once she gets down with you, holding your nuts might become harder than cracking a nut with two fingers.

Russian escort girl both in Bangkok and Pattaya


Night Out

Your Russian escort in Bangkok with the golden long and straight hair. She loves Salsa dance and loves to be rocked hardly as she parties all night long. She’s full of fun.

Russian escort service Bangkok- Pattaya



She has got a young body, complemented by perfectly carved lips for some deep French kissing. In fact, she’s the best at French kissing according to our clients. She’s also got the stuff to get your hands busy while kissing. Nikita is a Russian brunette who escorts in Pattaya only. -Russian escort Bangkok -Pattaya



A wild, friendly and soft Russian escort. You can say she’s all in one. Just a little drink is enough to turn her wild in your Bangkok's hotel room! Warning!!! Make sure you are equal to the task of matching her wildness.

Nina- Russian escort Pattaya chick.jpg



Nina is all about romance. Get your hands ready to caress her all over her tender and soft skin as you smooch all night. This Russian stunningly sexy lady is available for outcall escort service only.

Russian escort service -Bangkok and Pattaya- outcall


Erotic Massage

​Vera is a very hot, tall red hair that loves some candles lit around while getting into romance. Vera is a skillful and talented masseuse who knows the exact spots to touch. She gives the best of massage experiences.

Russian escort service Bangkok- Pattaya



Julia is a busty Russian call girl whose hips don’t lie. She stands out of the crowd with her bumpy front and behind. She’s a beauty to behold and feel. She only agrees to service in luxury hotels across Pattaya and Bangkok. -The website for Russ


Hot Escort

She is a Russian girl that stays in Bangkok and sometimes in Pattaya. She’s not your type of girl if you are not romantic enough. Oh! How she loves stroking of her hair and down below if you know what I’m talking about.

 European escorts Thailand- Pattaya- Bangkok



Don’t Ekwa look like a poor little princess? Don’t be deceived by her charming and harmless look as she can take you to A-level. Lucky you, she’s got the booty to grab and slap.

Pattaya Russian escort.jpg


Pattaya Escort

Perfect curves, height, complexion and busts, Sarra has got all to complement your classic entourage. She rocks every outfit like a model. She is currently the hottest foreigner escort in Pattaya so, if you are in Pattaya now, go for her.

Russian model - Bangkok and Pattaya A level


Everyday Escort

Hot and sexy, Anna is a gorgeous super white blonde call girl that will surely make you day-dream you are having one of your best nights in Moscow. She’s every man’s definition of stunning.

13 Russian VIP Pattaya.png


Travel Escort

Emily, the sexy Russian model with the banging sexy body is the one for you if you are into role play. She plies Bangkok and Pattaya so often. Bangkok and Pattaya escort girls


The Love-Maker

If you looking for that girl to make you feel fulfilled as a man, Dinna is here to make you feel that way. Every smash with her takes her to cloud nine; be ready to be drown in her river. How better could your night be compared to a dinner with Dinna?


Don’t you believe may be, but I am friend from Moscow and a champion swimmer. I love to spend time in water or in a sandy sea beach. I don’t have any hesitation to wear the swimming costume. For a pool party with your friends or at a beach outing, I can be a good Russian escort for you in Bangkok trip. Now look at the lists that my previous clients posted to describe my beauty, Effortless grace…kindness…Charming smile...Elegant style…beautiful cheekbones...fair and skin? Hard to choose but it makes an irresistible love.


Probably, it is the excitement and thrills that revolves around meeting and spending times with strangers that dragged me to work as a part time escort, in addition to my professional attachment with a fashion house in Bangkok. My name is NIKITA, a 25 year old girl from Moscow, Russia, and for the last 1 year, I am working with this Russian escort company in Bangkok. You will explore me friendly, well-mannered and an amiable girl, who can be quite daring and bold during lovemaking and sex. Book Me!

Russan escort service in Bngkk or in Pattaya
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More Russian/Foreign Escorts in Bangkok

Young Foreign Female Escorts in Bangkok and Pattaya

At OUTCALLBKK, we mainly provide for the young foreign female escorts that will ultimately be willing to meet your needs in Bangkok and Pattaya. The impressive thing about our Ukrainian, European and Russian escorts is that they are focused on providing quality escort service. They are also fabulous, and they are after fulfilling your needs and your dreams.

We have our most desirable and most delightful women that will appear fabulous in front of you. Our experienced and friendly staff will be here to meet your requests and details of Beautiful exotic female escorts. They have also been informed about the best ways to meet the client’s needs. They are even more endearing and spectacular to be with that will ensure you of your needs being met. Thus, you will also realise that with us, it will all be worth it. They are also after promising you good entertainment and fun.

We would be happy if you will get the satisfaction that you need before our young European female escorts. Old and mature men are fond of being surrounded and accompanied by Ukrainian guards. That is why we are here to fulfil your needs. They are also classy and charismatic enough to present you what you need.

Choose one from our VIP escorts and call us now. You can tell us to have a date with one of the petite and charismatic escorts. They are very young and very feminine, and they will leave you even more stunned.

For more fun, adventure and entertainment, we will arrange parties for you and your business associates and our foreigner escorts. We believe that your day or night will end up enjoyable, fun and very entertaining. For sure, you will ultimately be satisfied with what our escorts can offer. They look so inviting and lively that you will surely be impressed. There’s no need to hesitate further because, with us, you will expect of quality service from European or Russian out-call escorts.

There is no need to hesitate further in hiring our escorts that are all professional, friendly and accommodating. Since all you want is not to feel alone on your tour, or during your stay, our escorts who are young and feminine will be here for you. You will get what you exactly want from the very beginning. And, they will never leave you alone and unsatisfied. You will get only the value and the worth of your money.

For sure, in the end, you will realize that it is worthy of the effort, time and money hiring our western girls. Call us now and let our staffs know what you need. We also believe that there’s no escort agency to fulfil your needs other than us. This is especially when it comes to young foreign female escorts that take pride in achieving all your requests.

Call us now and witness all the fun, enjoyment and pleasure from all our selections of young foreign female escorts in Bangkok and Pattaya.