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How to Enjoy Your Holiday in Thailand by meeting Russian, European and Ukrainian escort Ladies!

We bet you think that your local delicacies taste like heaven; but have you tried out other delicacies from other nations and continents? This is why you should take a trip to a different nation to gain new experiences. It can be a month-long vacation in Bangkok, or a quick tour around Pattaya and Phuket with a beautiful lady as your tour guide. 

In this article, we will propose fun ways to enjoy your holiday in Thailand, featuring Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket, and without further ado, let’s get into business!

Most times, people visit Thailand either for fun, or business. But nothing is really stopping you from having both. It doesn’t have to be either side of the coin when you can have the whole coin to yourself. So, whichever your reason is for holidaying in Thailand, you can make it enjoyable through arranging events that can light up your environment. 

Fun and Work is the Best Combo Ever

Dear gentleman, you should always take a break from work to reminisce the good and bad business decisions you have made in the past. Apart from that, you need some fun, refreshment and bubbling after a long year of tilling and hustling. 

What’s Fun without the Russian, European or Russian Girls (escorts) in Phuket, Pattaya or Bangkok?

You will agree with us that what comes to mind when most guys talk about fun is mostly having some great times with the girls of their dreams, and that is totally cool in our opinion. In fact, we endorse it. After all, life is all about love. So, there’s no way we can propose ways to have fun without enumerating how these ways can naturally attract them ladies to you. 

You are Too Much to Deal with Ukrainian, European or Russian Escorts in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket!

By the way, escort girls are just after your money and assets. That is the pure and hard truth about street or escort girls. The highest bidder, or the first caller to the escort agency wins them for the night, and takes them home to do their bidding. As a matter of fact, your security and name are at stake with these escort girls. 

Young man, you should not travel all the way down from your country with the sole aim of having a great holiday only to get into another work of catcalling girls on the street, bars or escort websites in Thailand. Nah! You are way too much to deal with such escorts and pimps. Even if you’ve got the hottest games, and the sweetest pickup lines, we assure you that you need not go through all that hassle when you can do it in an easier way. 

Arrange Events or Parties in the areas that are mostly visited by white foreign girls (tourists) or (European, Russian, and Ukrainian escorts). that Will Arrange Everything for You!

You are a rare gem, wealthy and handsome. With all these feats, you are not supposed to be on your heels, chasing after any girl, including the hottest among them all. Instead, they should come to you as the king that you have made yourself. If you are wondering why the girls are not coming your way, maybe it is because you have not been charismatic and announcing enough. Or maybe you have not been looking in their direction. 

It is time for you to run the show, be the center of attraction, and cynosure of attention. Arrange yourself an event or a party whose activities will center around you and your personality. If that’s too much of a trouble to you, you can steal the spotlight of preplanned parties and events by buying VIP tickets. 

Here’s a List of Events that Can Help You Steal the Spotlight

Club Parties in Bangkok, Phuket and of course PATTAYA (where the most of Russian escorts are)

Club parties are sure ways to enjoy your holiday in Thailand, regardless of the city of your residence. Thailand is widely known for fun, love and romance; therefore, club parties are expectedly among the ways you can have fun. There’s no point stating the fact that club parties are places that you can easily meet different people, including hot girls, hailing from different cities and countries. 

But the problem is that, like you, many other people are lingering in clubs to take home some hot chicks at the end of the fun night. But unfortunately, it usually ends up as a great competition you most likely did not bargain or make preparations for. To stay afloat, you need to do something different in the party. You need to stand out so you can easily attract people towards you. Instead of getting a regular ticket, and appearing like the rest, you should get the most centered table, decorated with expensive drinks and wines. Doing this will surely attract high-quality ladies or even high end escorts from Russia, Ukraine and Europe to your table, and you will then have the luxury of picking which one you want. 

Birthday Parties

You can organize a party to mark your birthday in grand style and easily be spotted by both your invited and uninvited guests. Since you will be the celebrant, you really do not need to do much to be noticed. You only need to plan your birthday party well such that most of the programs is all about you. And you already know, you have to make it look as glamorous as possible to attract the most “expensive” ladies in town. One good thing about birthday parties is that, you have absolutely nothing to lose inasmuch as you are spending your money on yourself, by yourself. 


Perhaps, the oddest on the list, but you can still move mountains here. You can arrange after parties to extend festival ceremonies to your place of choice. The interesting thing here is that you won’t even spend much on publicity because everyone is usually in party mood during festive periods, and looking for where to party on. Using this to your advantage, you can host them, and get the opportunity to meet and mingle with them. So, while you are having fun, you still get the chance to learn one or two things as icing on the cake.

You don’t Need a Reason to Celebrate

Apart from all these methods, you can still organize a party to celebrate, the win of a contract, the completion of a phase in your life, or just about anything at all. After all, breathing alone is worth celebrating. Whatever your reason is for the season, you can always steal the show, make everything about you, and enjoy your holiday in Thailand.

Use Siam Planner for Your Event Planning in Pattaya, Bangkok and Phuket

If you have decided to enjoy your holiday in Thailand through planned events, but don’t know how to go about it, you can contact Siam Planners, your one stop shop for every kind of events and parties. If you want to show your class so that people are easily attracted to you in parties and events, Siam Planner is the event planner that you need. With professional and highly dedicated workers, rest assured you will enjoy the best events and parties that money can possibly afford. 

You can get in touch with Siam Planner via the official website to get a quote and make further enquiries. 

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